Distinctive Wood Products

“I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of the Distinctive team and believe by partnering with AnnexPark Capital, we can take the business to the next level. I look forward to working with Stephen and Alan to grow the business”

Joe Duimering, President
Distinctive Wood Products

We were lucky enough to connect with Distinctive Wood Products (“DWP”) after 25 years under the guidance and ownership of Joe and Sue Duimering.  DWP has operated since 1993 with a tightly focused strategy of providing custom manufactured wood products to the kitchen and cabinet making industry.   DWP is a leading provider in this niche B2B category.   AnnexPark was initially attracted by the Company’s, unique corporate culture, steady growth, and decades long record of client loyalty led by President Joe Duimering.

As we learned more about the business, we were further impressed by 1) the long tenured and enthusiastic staff and by 2) the industry leading quality and production metrics.  The process was completed in less than two months from signing of a Letter of Intent (with agreement on pricing and terms) through due diligence and signing of final documents.

We are very pleased to say that through the diligence process Joe and Sue decided to co–invest with us and are our partners in Distinctive Wood Products.