Who We Are

AnnexPark Capital was formed by Alan Lever and Stephen Luengo to invest in and grow a small portfolio of leading private Canadian small and mid market companies. AnnexPark is based in Toronto and founded on the guiding principles of trust and integrity.

What Differentiates us

Our backgrounds are highly complementary.   With a mix of financial, operating and M&A, we are ideally suited as partners to drive growth alongside our founder partners. Stephen has over 20 years of operating experience at Outland, where the company grew from approximately $10 million of revenue when he started to over $240 million  when it was eventually sold. While at Torquest, Alan was one of the original members of the deal team when the business was founded in 2002, and over this period over $2 billion of equity capital was deployed across 25 different operating platforms.

We are investing our own capital. This affords us many advantages, including an ability to respond much more quickly and decisively than other institutional capital providers.

We are long-term investors. We have no pre-determined exit horizons, and this affords us the advantage of being able to both think and act as long-term strategic owners. In this era, many sources of private capital are looking for quick flips and we think in opposite terms to this.

Ethics and integrity drive every decision we make. Both Outland and TorQuest were founded on these principles and we proudly carry this tradition forward. Alan and Stephen were both part of closely held equity partnerships that grew exponentially and lasted decades.

Our Investment Focus

AnnexPark Capital is looking to acquire, grow and build long-term equity value in its investments.  Our background gives us an understanding of many different businesses and we use the following guidelines for our investments:


  • Entrepreneurial / founder succession 
  • Management buyouts
  • Significant acquisition financing 

Our typical Investment Criteria

  • ~ $1.5 to ~ $6 million of EBITDA
  • Ontario headquarters
  • Industries of focus:
    • Generally, B to B businesses
    • Business services
    • Niche manufacturing
    • Distribution
    • Healthcare
    • Other industries where there is a consolidation opportunity